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After witnessing our amazing NHS' efforts battling the coronavirus, along with Captain Tom Moore's incredible fund raising, i felt inspired to do something to help, not just raise money, but lift the spirits of those in isolation, and pay homage to our NHS heroes, key workers, and Captain Tom Moore. I quickly recruited Paul from Wavebreak Studio, who kindly gave hours of his time to produce and perfect the record, and Kieran from Reaper Recordings to try and piece us together a music video, which is alot harder during lockdown than you can imagine! A massive thank you to all the friends/family and fans who sent in their videos holding the #BetterTogether posters, we tried to use every one of them! We are donating 100% of the money raised towards NHS Charities Together, including sales, streams, and publishing revenue from the track, this means if the song gets on TV or radio, further money will be raised and collected towards the overall target! The single is available for download for just £1 And is set for release on all major platforms Tomorrow. We are also asking you to kindly donate through the Justgiving page Thank you all for watching and please be sure to share and spread the word!!

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